Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

If you think making homemade chicken bone broth recipe on the stove top is easy, making it in a crockpot is pretty much effortless.

The key to making truly delicious chicken bone broth that extracts every last bit of goodness and flavor from the bones is a long, slow simmer for hours on end. For that reason, the slow cooker is the perfect vessel for the job, as it keeps the broth cooking at an even temperature for however long you need.

This is how we do it in our kitchen. We even made a video to show you how it’s done so you can easily make it in your own kitchen too.

With a crock pot, fully-flavored and nutritious chicken bone broth no longer has to take up your entire day as you watch the stove. All you have to do is toss some leftover chicken bones into a slow cooker with a few vegetables, add a handful of herbs and a touch of pepper, and set it overnight or before you head out for work. By the time you’re back, you’ll have a solid supply of chicken broth for sipping, improving digestive health and flavoring food.

This chicken bone broth recipe is our tested and true recipe that we’d highly recommend you give it a try. Want to try our beef bone broth recipe as well? We’ve got you covered.

Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

This is a Kettle & Fire tested and true slow cooker chicken bone broth recipe that features organic chicken bones, fresh vegetables and herbs. 

  • 2 pounds chicken bones (leftover from roasted chicken, preferably organic)
  • 2 stalks celery (roughly chopped)
  • 2 carrots (skin on, roughly chopped)
  • 1 yellow or white onion (roughly chopped)
  • 1 green bell pepper (roughly chopped)
  • 1 head of garlic
  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley
  • 1/4 cup fresh thyme
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 tablespoon whole peppercorns
  • 8-10 cups filtered water (or enough to cover ingredients)
  1. Rinse vegetables and herbs and place into a slow cooker.
  2. Add chicken bones and all remaining ingredients to slow cooker and cover with enough water so that all ingredients are submerged.
  3. Turn on slow cooker to low heat and let cook for 12-18 hours.
  4. Remove from heat and carefully separate the vegetables and bones from the broth.
  5. Strain the broth into a bowl through a colander, and strain once more through a cheesecloth to remove any remaining particles.
  6. Pour broth into an airtight jar and store in the refrigerator for up to a week, or freeze for up to 3 months.
Paleo | Gluten Free

This is a Kettle & Fire tested and true slow cooker chicken bone broth recipe that features organic chicken bones, fresh vegetables and herbs.

This is a Kettle & Fire tested and true slow cooker chicken bone broth recipe that features organic chicken bones, fresh vegetables and herbs.

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Chill Out with Frosty Grownup Ice Pops

By Beth Lipton

Remember being a kid, and having those long, hot days at camp, when you got a sweet, drippy ice pop to help you cool off?

You’re about to enjoy that feeling again—minus the excess sugar, artificial dye that turned your mouth purple (fun as a kid, not cute as an adult), and sickly sweet flavor. These ice pops are decidedly grown-up, including good-for-you ingredients like fresh seasonal fruit, herbs, a touch of spice and healthy fats. But they still keep that dessert-on-a-stick sense of fun.

The best part: They’re all ridiculously easy to make. So whip up a batch as a whimsical end to an al fresco dinner party, or just to keep on hand for after-dinner treats.

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Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews & Product Line

You know that thing that happens when you decide you want to buy a car, and then you start researching the car, and about eleven days later, you still have no car, and all you want to do is take a nap? I do too.

The other thing that I have discovered that happens is when you decide you want to buy a massage chair, it’s that times a million. There are a lot! Brands, models, makes, robotics, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling, vibrating… it’s exhausting. And at the end of it, you don’t just want a nap; you want to take a nap!

Well, here’s one fewer thing you should stress about in your journey to relieve stress: Cozzia’s are cozy. They’re of a few chair manufacturers in the US, and they use only high-quality components. They’re also awesome. And we’ve done all the research for you. So, sit back, put your feet up, read on, and then go get you a Cozzia massage chair.

Cozzia USA Product Line Review

CZ-710/Qi SE

There’s a lot more to that car analogy than the pile of research associated with a purchase. These chairs look like sports cars.

This version comes in what they call triple black: an “automotive black” exterior, black interior, and black trim. Like some of the other high-end chairs out there today, the Qi Se Massage Chair comes with chromotherapy LED lighting, but there’s a pattern to these lights, and you can change the color output.

The foot massager section of this chair spares no extravagance. The rollers are triple action, and you get two levels of shiatsu massage reflexology. This is serious foot massaging. Most chair offer some sort of heat, usually in the lumbar or full back, and this chair is no exception there, but you also heat in the legs via compression sleeves. The sleeves move as they compress, so you get full massage on your legs and calves.

The L-track design delivers a full body massage from glutes to neck, there’s a large-format touch screen control panel, and 13 programs to choose from. It seems like you’d need a lot of space with a chair of this feature set, but it’s a space-saver. You only need five inches from the wall.


The remote control for this chair is wireless and touch-enabled. It provides zero gravity positioning, which mimics the angle and position astronauts are in at take-off. This isn’t for aerodynamics–it’s to take all the weight off your body, maximize blood flow, and reduce spine compression. When it uses this technology, you get added benefit, as your body is not working in any way to support itself and your muscles and joints can be fully relieved from tension and stress.


This Cozzia 618 chair utilizes the latest in Cozzia 3D massage chair delivery and provides maximum foot relief with under-foot rollers. Bluetooth speakers are built right into the chair, and you control which massage programs you want from the remote control.

This chair has 64 airbags that deliver five levels of intensity to your entire body–legs and calves, thighs, seat, shoulders and arms, and neck.

There are six different and massage techniques; eight auto programs; stretching, air, and spot massage; and massage nodes that penetrate to three inches. You can adjust the backrest and footrest to any position you like, and of course this chair is equipped with zero gravity positioning.

CZ-730/The Cozzia Qi

They label this chair the doctor because it figures out the exact level of tension your body is under and then tailors the massage to directly target the problem areas. This is a very smart chair.

Not only does the sensor record and go after the tension in your back, it keeps a running log in calendar format, so you can track your progress. It utilizes 4D technology (called Vario), so it can move vertically, horizontally, and back and forth, varying the rhythm of the massage at the same time. This mimics the closest to a human massage available. The rollers are heated, and this chair offers the highly advanced air technology combined with compression and rollers for maximum benefit shiatsu foot massage.

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If you like design and space technology, you’ll like this chair. It offers zero gravity positioning, taking all stress off your joints, and rendering your spine fully neutral for maximum relaxation and stress relief. It’s beautifully designed, and delivers a 3D massage that travels the length, width, and depth of your back. The large format touch screen control panel puts you at the helm, and the footrest contains rollers that massage the soles of your feet.


You get a massage tailored just for you with this chair, as it makes use of precise scanning to auto-determine your tension and stress areas most at risk. The massage nodes extend three inches into your back and deliver stretching as well as spot massage. There are six massage techniques and eight auto programs. The airbags deliver five levels of intensity to your entire body–foot to neck. You can plug your MP3 player right into the chair, and fully relax your mind and senses via LED chromotherapy lighting.


The CZ-628 provides 3D technology massage, which exhibits the latest advances in robotics chair massage. The rollers massage your body in all directions, up and down, back and forth, and into your back, so that it feels as if you’re being massaged by a professional.

It has a remote control you use to choose your preferences. The footrest rollers massage the soles of your feet, the chair provides zero gravity positioning to put your spine in a neutral position and increase circulation, and it comes with chromotherapy LED lighting for sensory healing. There are Bluetooth speakers built right in so you can choose whatever you like to listen to to maximize your comfort and relaxation.


Like others in the line, this chair has what is called the ultra s-track, which enables the delivery of an advanced, full body massage. Combined with the ability you get with the CZ-328 to recline into a fully flat position, you receive an s-track massage from neck to glutes. If it’s just the neck and back you want massaged, you can sit upright for a two-dimensional massage, with rollers working back and forth across your back and neck as well as up and down. The remote puts you in command, to choose from four auto programs and six different types of massage.

You can also adjust the strengths and speed of the massage, heat your lower back via the lumbar heater, and utilize the chromotherapy LED lighting for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation. You can opt for spot massage, and the air massage is delivered to your arms, feet, and calves via 26 airbags.

Cozzia 16028

Another option for those seeking a sleeker chair that takes up less space, this chair doesn’t disappoint on features and options. You get spot massage six different ways and five programs.

It has twenty-two airbags for soothing and massaging your calves, feet, neck, thighs, and seat. The zero-gravity positioning–in a single touch–will transport you to total body weightlessness and completely relieve your spine from pressure and weight, thereby increasing blood flow and maximizing the functioning of your circulation and immune system.

The lumbar area heats your lower back, and the chromotherapy lighting soothes your senses and increases optimal relaxation. Previous models is 16027.


SuperTrac technology enables a medical massage chair to deliver a full body massage from your glutes to your neck, and this chair has w-shape s-track, which is what’s known as ultra S. It’s the most advanced s-track system there is.

You can utilize the zero-gravity positioning to take all the weight off your entire body and fully support your spine. There are eight programs to choose from and an adjustable footrest. The air massage features massage your arms, shoulders, neck, feet, calves, thighs, and seat. You can choose custom massage programs, as well as the width, intensity, and strength you prefer. The seat vibrates and the lumbar area is heated. There are two rollers in the foot rest for added foot stress relief.


You control your massage preferences via a hand-held remote and choose from six techniques, and three auto programs. This chair is equipped with 12 airbags and delivers soothing relief from stress and tension to your feet and calves with five levels of intensity.

The back and neck massage are delivered by two-D spot massage technology, utilizing six different techniques and three auto programs. During the manual massage, you adjust both the width and height. The EC-360D uses technology to scan your back and target the specific areas that need it and includes seat vibration. For the price point and features of this chair, it is a solid choice and addition to your home and health.


This chair offers 2D massage technology, zero gravity body positioning, and eight different programs to suit whatever your specific stress-relief needs should be. It has 50 airbags top to toe, with five varying intensity levels for your thighs, arms, seat, feet, and calves. There’s a vibration mechanism in the seat of the chair, a heated lumbar area, and you adjust the speed and strength of the massage.


If you’re looking for a smaller chair that takes up a bit less space, is easier on your wallet, but still packs all the features you need to get the job done, it’s worth your time to consider the CZ-322.

It offers two-dimensional massage (back and forth and up and down), utilizing six types of massage. There are three auto programs, and spot massaging. You still get the body scanning, targeting the specific areas you need addressed, as well as a vibrating seat and the ability to adjust the strength and speed the way you like. This chair also includes chromotherapy lighting for maximum relaxation, and a nice safety feature: a surge protector that guards against overheating.

Cozzia chairs are designed and manufactured with the latest technology to deliver top-of-the line and industry-leading massage to you right in your home. It’s a wise investment and one that will benefit your body and all-around wellness for years to come. Hope you enjoyed our cozzia massage chair review article. Stay tuned for more reviews.

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Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews 2017

The statistics on people who experience back and neck pain, headaches, and muscle and joint pain are staggering–it’s over seventy-six million Americans alone.

Doctors and physical therapists have been recommending massage therapy for decades, and for some that means weekly massage, a monthly visit to the spa, physical therapy, or a home massage chair.

The advances in robotics and massage technique via massage chairs are many, and for those who can afford to buy one, the health benefits are apparent within weeks. People experience less pain, more stress relief, better cardiovascular health, better circulation and digestion, and fewer headaches and backaches.

There’s no doubt a shiatsu massage chair is a wise and worthwhile investment. If you can’t or just don’t want to buy one, however, there’s an outstanding alternative, which is to get best massage chair pad.

They’re portable, effective, and in many cases, much more budget friendly. You get most of the benefits of a full chair–less stress, great pain relief, an improved immune system, and a healthier mind and body–without the major investment. Here’s a list of the top brands out there, what they feature, and the pros and cons of each.

Top Rated Shiatsu Pads and Cushions

Zyllion ZMA-14

This best rated massage chair cushion stands out among the lot due to its size, back and neck coverage, the addition of heat, and the fact that it delivers a shiatsu massage–four different modes for both neck and back.

It’s portable, of course, so you can easily take it with you to use with your favorite chair, including the one in your office. It’s shaped like a removable car seat, which is part of why it’s so effective. The coverage is unsurpassed in the world of massage cushions. It delivers rolling and kneading massage for your back and neck, three levels for your seat, and dual vibrating shiatsu massager for your hips.

On the pro side, you get a professional grade massage for your upper and lower back, hips, and neck. There are multiple modes, and you can adjust the height and width positions. The back strap is adjustable, so it’s customizable. It has an auto-shut off for added safety, and at around two hundred and fifty dollars, it’s an affordable option.

As far as cons, there aren’t many. If you’re looking for something that is a seat cushion only, this one will be too big and bulky for your needs.

Homedics MCS-510H

Homedics is the top of the line, and a well-known brand that’s been around for ages. They are experts in designing and manufacturing massage products of all types, and you can’t beat the quality and features.

They also look great. Like the ZMA-14, Homedics’ MCS-510H is your portable, take-with-you-wherever-you-go deliverer of rejuvenating shiatsu massage.

It features three modalities to choose from: rolling, spot focused, and kneading. Coverage is complete for your entire back as well as your shoulders. It’s heated, you can adjust the width, and it comes with a remote control.

The pro list includes its accuracy in targeting specific points on your back. You can stop it and start it as you need, so once it gets to a trouble spot, it can stay in that one place for as long as it takes to work out the knot or loosen the muscle.

The Homedics back massager is top notch, and it has an auto shut off.
The only real con is that it’s on the bulky side, so it’s not a breeze to transport. It’s not overly heavy, weighing it at about fifteen pounds.


This cushion is top of the line. It features air bags as well as twelve massaging nodes–eight for your upper and lower back–and four for your neck and head.

The whole device is heated, which you can choose to turn on or off, and the seat section delivers a vibrating massage, which you can set at low, medium, or high. It comes with a remote control, and you can program the nodes individually. The back strap is adjustable, and it has an auto shut off timer.

This in affordable massager, right around the upper-mid range price-wise (just under three hundred), and packs a lot of features and quality for the bucks. It’s also substantial enough for tall people (easily accommodates those over six feet tall). The only downside is, at 24.4 pounds, it’s heavy.

Gideon Seat

At last check, this one was going for a steal, so if you want to snap up an one of the best massage cushion at a fraction of the cost, check out the Gideon. It’s currently retailing online for just under fifty dollars.

With this cushion, you get the gamut of massage styles for your hips, back, and thighs: rolling, kneading, tapping (tapotement), and pulsating. You can also just set it to auto, and like shuffle in the old days on your CD player, the chair will scroll through all the modes. The strap is adjustable, so you can use it on any chair or in your car.

You can choose to intensively focus on a single area for a massage with the ability to pinpoint, say, just your lower back or shoulders; and there are four levels of intensity to choose from.

Pros are obvious on this one. Price, and weight. It weighs only three and a half pounds. It also has optional heating, and a 12-volt adapter, so you can plug it into your car. Very hard to find any cons on this affordable gem.

Gideon Luxury Six-Program Customizable with Heat

Here is the best massage cushion from Gideon, this model is a Cadillac on features and quality, and still well within the affordable range. They’re under one hundred and fifty dollars, so for the money, you can’t beat this cushion. It comes with six customizable modes and features shiatsu deep tissue kneading massage, as well as vibration and rolling. You can opt for heat or not, and there’s an automatic shut off feature for added safety.

What I love about the Gideon line is that they’re lightweight and they come with a 12-volt adapter, so you can use them in your car. When you have a back injury, or do a lot of driving, one of the single worst things you can do for your back is drive. Being able to toss this into the car makes a huge difference in your back health. You will be hard pressed to find any negatives (or bad reviews).

Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massage Cushion

This best back massager is a direct competitor to the Gideon Luxury Six-Program Customizable Massaging Cushion with Heat. It’s right about the same price, and delivers shiatsu massage.

You can choose to target any of the three zones: upper, lower, or entire back. There’s a three-mode setting for your lumbar, which offers massage via air compression. It comes with a programmable remote control.

The pros for this cushion are price and quality of massage. As far as cons, a downside is that you can’t pause or focus on a single area. You can receive the massage in any or all the targeted areas, but you can’t set it to just focus on say a knot in a certain section of your back. The air compression is also a little loud.

New Five Star FS8812

This is a basic model massage cushion without fancy bells or whistles. And by bells and whistles, I mean advanced or professional types of massage. There is no deep tissue shiatsu, kneading, or rolling with this massager. It is strictly a vibrating cushion. What you do get, however, is ten motors, which deliver vibrating massage to your back, thighs, neck, and shoulders; heat for the low back; three speeds; remote control; and four programs to choose from. It’s portable, lightweight, and has an adapter for your car.

This is a good entry level massager if you’re looking for a) low price; and/or b) a massager that only vibrates. It’s also very light–less than five pounds, so portability is a plus.

Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion

I love this cushion because it’s so small and it delivers a shiatsu massage.

It’s small, elegant, and you can take with you anywhere. It delivers a professional grade shiatsu deep tissue kneading massage, and it’s so thin and lightweight, that you can easily massage your whole body any time. It’s particularly nice when you’re hanging out at home on the couch watching a movie.

Pros are looks and portability (great design, lightweight (3.5 pounds), small (11″ X 7″ X 4″), and easy to take with you on the go); you can use it in your car; it heats up; and you can pick one up for less than forty-five dollars. A

s far as cons, it doesn’t have a lot of features. You can’t change the speed, and the massage is straight-up, like that of a hand-held massager. There’s not really a ton of cushion between you and the massage heads.

If a massage chair is simply not in the cards for you, a massage chair pad is a great option. The latest technological advances in robotic massage appliances is progressing at an amazing rate of speed, and the price is low enough to pay for itself after one fewer trips to the massage therapist.

Quick massage cushion reviews video:

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How Grass-Fed Beef, Grain-Fed Beef, and Grass-Finished Beef are Different (And Why It Matters)

When you compare grass-fed beef to grain-fed beef, it may just seem like beef with a higher price tag. After all, does it really matter what the cow was fed throughout its lifetime?

When it comes to your health, the short answer is yes.

Not only are there key nutritional differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef, but there are also differences in the safety of the meat (not to mention the taste). There’s even a significant difference between grass-fed and grass-finished. Let’s take a closer look at how grass-fed beef, grain-fed beef, and grass-finished beef are different, and why this matters to your health.


Cow Grazing

The old adage, “you are what you eat” also applies to what the foods you eat once ate.

In other words, the beef you’re eating can only be as nutritious as what the cow was fed. Before we get into the differences in nutrient composition of grass-fed beef and grass-finished beef versus grain-fed beef, it’s important to first understand the different diets each type of cattle are raised on.

For the first 6 months or so, all cows start out with a similar diet: their mother’s milk and the greenery in their environment. Once they’re weaned off milk, grass-fed and grass-finished cows — also known as “pasture raised” cows —  will continue to roam green fields, where they’ll enjoy chowing down on lush plants, shrubs, and the occasional bug for the remainder of their lives.

Since grass and plants can provide all of the nutrients a healthy cow needs, the result is highly nutritious beef. In fact, research shows that grass-fed cows are higher in conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that’s been shown to have anti-carcinogenic effects and promote fat loss. They also contain 2 to 4 times more omega 3 essential fatty acids than grain-fed cows, which is important because we get far less omega 3 fatty acids in our diets today than what our bodies actually need (1)(2)(3).

Omega 3’s — which are found in unprocessed oils, wild fish, grass-fed beef, and nuts and seeds — play a critical role in hormonal health, cognitive function, growth and development, healthy skin, and keeping the body’s anti-inflammatory response in check.

Animals that are fed green grass also store more vitamin A in their livers (4). This explains why grass-fed beef is higher in beta carotene — the precursor to vitamin A. Grass-fed beef is also shown to be richer in vitamin E, B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium.

Now, let’s move on to how grain-fed cows are raised, and how a grain-fed diet alters the nutrient composition of the beef you eat.

How Grain-Fed Cows And Grass-Fed Are Raised 

Cattle Feedlot

Grain-fed cows — also known as “conventionally raised” cows — are moved to a feedlot once they’re weaned from their mother’s milk at approximately 8 months. It’s in these lots that they’re fed grains, corn, and soy to fatten them up and produce a higher yield of beef. The cattle are also confined in very small spaces— not even enough space to move, which puts the animal under distress.

High stress levels can also lead to fatter animals. This is because cortisol is a fat storage hormone that’s part of the ‘fight or flight’, or stress response. Since the cow has been removed from its natural environment and experienced a dramatic change in living conditions and diet, there will undoubtedly be a certain level of stress endured by the cow, which results in elevated cortisol levels. When cortisol levels are consistently elevated, the body is more likely to store fat as a protective mechanism (5).

Alternatively, when grass-fed cows graze in fields, they’re getting exercise, which naturally results in leaner beef, as well as an animal that’s not stressed out.

The difference among grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef, and grass-finished beef you should know about and why it matters to your health.

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Now, this isn’t all to say that grain-fed beef doesn’t have nutritional value. It still contains several essential nutrients, such as protein, B vitamins, iron, and zinc. But in addition to being lower in minerals, CLA, and promoting a poor omega 3:6 ratio, grain-fed beef also contains 4 times more saturated fat per 3 ounce serving.

The Difference Between Grass-fed Beef and Grass-finished Beef You Should Know About

There’s a major difference between grass-fed and grass-finished cows that many people don’t know about. Grass-fed beef is marketed as the healthiest choice for meat, but the term ‘grass-fed’ is unregulated, and accompanied by a major grey area.

You see, the term grass-fed doesn’t necessarily mean the cow was fed a grass diet their entire lives. It means they were started on a grass-fed diet, and may have been fed grains for the remainder of their lives, which is actually grass-fed, grain-finished beef.

In other words, as long as the cow was fed greenery at one point in its life, it can be labelled as grass-fed beef.

On the other hand, grass-finished beef means the cow was fed grass — and nothing but grass and plants — for the duration of its life. So while grass-fed cows will still contain omega 3 essential fatty acids, CLA, and other beneficial nutrients, grass-finished beef is ultimately the most nutrient dense beef you can buy, and ideally what to look for when you purchase beef.

Grass-fed beef vs Grain-fed beef vs Grass-Finished beef

Food Safety

Are Growth Hormones Safe or Not?

There’s one other ingredient that goes into the feed of grain-fed cows: hormones. Synthetic  estrogen, testosterone and growth hormones are another way to help cows grow 15% larger, faster.

Going back to our first point, “you are what you eat”, when we eat beef that has been treated with hormones, we’re also ingesting those hormones. While there’s limited research to show the impact that synthetic hormones — specifically sourced from grain-fed meat — have on our health, it may not be ideal for those who are already susceptible to certain cancers or are suffering from hormonal imbalances to be ingesting them (6)(7).

A large percentage of grain-fed cattle are treated with hormones. However, it’s possible to find hormone-free conventionally raised beef. Grass-fed beef are generally not exposed to hormones in their lifetime.

Antibiotics: 30 Million Pounds Used in Livestock


Think it’s common for Americans to take antibiotics? Some sources suggest over 70% of the antibiotics in the US are given to animals. In fact, over 30 million pounds of antibiotics were given to American livestock in 2011.

The danger of consuming antibiotics through meat is becoming more prevalent, as antibiotic use in livestock has recently been discovered as a leading cause of the rise in antimicrobial-resistant infections — leading to antibiotic resistance and increased mortality rates (8).

There’s no pretty way to say this: the feedlots grain-fed cows live in aren’t a sanitary environment. In fact, the ground the cattle stands on is basically a mix of bacteria, mud, dirt, and feces. These living conditions make the cows more susceptible to illness and disease, which is why they’re commonly treated with antibiotics.

While there’s no guarantee that a grass-fed cow won’t get sick and need a round of antibiotics in their lifetime, the living conditions of a pasture are far less of a threat to the cow’s health than a feedlot. That’s not to mention the greater amount of immune-boosting nutrients in a grass-fed diet versus a grain-fed diet — in which case, fewer (if any) antibiotics should be needed.


Beef dish

The difference in taste between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef is up for debate.

Some argue that grass-fed beef tastes, well, grassier — while grain-fed beef has a richer taste because it’s higher in saturated fat. Others don’t notice a difference at all.

As you can see, all types of beef do contain nutrients that benefit your health. However, if we were to rank grass-fed versus grain-fed versus grass-finished in order of health benefits, grass-finished would be the most nutrient-dense choice, followed by grass-fed, and grain-fed.

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The difference among grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef and grass-finished beef you should know about and why it matters to your health.

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7 Soothing, Natural Sunburn Remedies

By Lindsay Cohn

No matter how diligent you are with the sunscreen, burns happen. But you don’t have to suffer with painful, itchy red skin. With these soothing, natural remedies, you can feel better fast. And the best part? Many of them may already be in your pantry or fridge.


Aloe vera

Perhaps the best known botanical sunburn remedy is aloe vera. “It delivers an immediate soothing, cooling sensation—especially if stored in the fridge,” says dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, MD. This powerful anti-inflammatory calms redness, tenderness and swelling. It also contains compounds that promote healing and repair cellular damage.

Though there is an array of aloe products on the market, holistic wellness practitioner and registered nurse Audrey Christie McLaughlin doesn’t recommend them, because many contain additives. “Straight from the source is best,” she notes. “Grab an aloe plant, break a off a leaf, squeeze out the clear gel and apply a thin layer to skin as often as needed.”



Cucumbers are 95 percent water, so they’re exceptionally hydrating and cooling. According to dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, you can use these salad staples topically to help soothe the inflammation, irritation and redness. She suggests pulverizing cukes into a paste and applying to burned areas.



That carton of milk lurking in your fridge can come to your aid as a skin soother—but make sure it’s whole, not skim. “Because it contains more fat and protein, it’s more effective at decreasing inflammation and swelling,” explains Dr. Jaliman. It also helps locks in moisture and promotes healing. “Try a cold milk-soaked compress—applied for 15 minutes at a time.”


Apple cider vinegar

Is there anything apple cider vinegar can’t do? Along with aiding digestion, this natural wonder is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic. “When applied after sun overexposure, it helps soothe skin, balance pH, kill germs and ease discomfort,” explains McLaughlin. “In a spray bottle, combine equal parts distilled water and ACV, and spritz on when you need some relief.”


Chamomile tea

Known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant abilities, chamomile tea has been used as a topical treatment for centuries. Ready for relief? Dr. Shainhouse recommends a chamomile compress. “Steep multiple tea bags in a pot of boiling water and then let cool. Saturate a washcloth or cotton gauze with the chilled tea and apply to the affected area to help reduce pain and redness.”



This pantry staple is another age-old remedy for various skin ailments, and promising research is beginning to show that when ground up and combined with liquid, it can alleviate dry, itchy skin and reduce inflammation. “Oatmeal baths are great for soothing irritation as a result of sun exposure. We also recommend them for other inflammatory skin conditions like eczema,” says dermatologist Dhaval G. Bhanusali, MD. Pick up a packet of Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment at your local drugstore, or DIY it by blending rolled oats in a food processor.


Coconut oil

You may already be using coconut oil as a moisturizer, lip balm and makeup remover, and now you can add it to your list of sunburn helpers. “UV rays compromise the skin’s protective barrier, leading to moisture loss. That’s what causes the sensation of skin tightness,” explains Dr. Shainhouse. “Coconut oil acts as a shield to reduce excessive transepidermal water loss.” It also contains vitamin E, omega 3-fatty acids and lauric acid, which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. After showering or bathing, gently pat yourself dry and slather on a small amount of coconut oil to nourish, lock in moisture and protect skin.


BIO: Lindsay Cohn is a wellness writer, yogi and essential oil enthusiast. You can follow her on Instagram at @lindsay_cohn and Twitter at @lindsay_cohn.

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